"Accuracy and effectiveness
of vision, hearing or idea"

That is what Acuity means according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

We take on this name because it describes our company perfectly.

Acuity Entertainment is an independent production company, setting clear vision, hearing market needs and generating thought-provoking ideas to produce quality products to entertain the world.

Built on the philosophy of selecting and acquiring exceptional screenplays, developing them for production, and delivering the best of film and television programs possible, Acuity Entertainment has clearly set our vision to devote ourselves for the challenge. Our biggest advantage will be our content. We have dedicated ourselves to relentlessly pursuing and creating captivating material that meets our high standards for original and compelling stories: those that are intelligent, thought-provoking, employ unique storytelling techniques, tackle engaging social and international issues, and have mass appeal.

The three partners; Thomas Yee, James Mou and Gerry Robinson at Acuity Entertainment all have extensive, proven and solid working experience in the Film and Television industry.

Having helped many other production companies make numerous successful films and television programs in the past 20 plus years, the partners are setting their sights to new heights with their own productions.