Format: Short Released 2006
Genre: Drama.
Concept by: Alison Reid

Produced in association with Free Spirit Films Inc.

Lilith, a cat-rescuing entrepreneur, and Athena, a genetic engineer, are desperately trying to have a baby together. Their attempts to conceive with the help of science have failed, so Lilith takes matters into her own hands, and uses her unique skill set to steal some very special sperm. That task turns out to be an easy one compared to convincing Athena it’s a good idea!

Student Abroad
Format: TV Series (20x30 min) Released 2005
Genre: Drama, Family, Teens Drama.
Broadcaster: CCTV

Produced in association with CCTV – China’s largest television network, this 20-episode family dramatic television series entitled "Student Abroad" is a candid look into the lives of four young Chinese students living and studying abroad in Canada. The entire series was broadcasted over the 2005-2006 season with rave reviews.

Xiao-Yang Pan, Director of the series, was so pleased working with the skillful Canadian crew, he has already expressed interested in returning to Canada for future projects. [more]

Toy Soldier
Format: Short Released 2005
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance.
Concept by: Thomas Yee

Six short stories linked by one common denominator – a Toy Solider.

"Toy Solider" is a film that travels through the emotions of friendship and partnership, innocence to evil and mundane to hysterical – all to prove that we are much more closely linked to one another than originally assumed. [more]


Romantic Refills
Format: TV Series (30 min)
Genre: Reality TV, Family, Romance.
Concept by: James Mou & Thomas Yee

A husband is chosen and gets help from a team of experts to totally surprise his wife on her birthday or anniversary. Our team of relationship expert, organizers and planners will help the husband to really understand his wife, find out what type of romance and fantasy she wants AND make it happen.


Raju's Blind Date
Format: TV Series (30 min)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Family.
Writers: Jay Rao & Rodney Barnes

A lonely, disheartened immigrant from India is set up on a blind date, but mistakenly meets a prostitute, which leads to a night of crazy misadventures in the big city.


Format: Feature Film
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller.
Story by: James Mou

Running for her life in a foreign country, beautiful martial arts champion JANICE CARLSON must solve her husband's murder or be sentenced for a crime she didn't commit... if the real killer doesn't get her first.

Christmas as Leroy
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Family Drama, Christmas.
Writer: Thomas Yee

Suffering amnesia from a fall, a spoiled-rich 12 year old boy was taken in by a poor black family and spends Christmas together where he learn about hard-work, friendship and love, despite the fact that members of this family cause him the fall and wants to cash in on the reward money for his return.

Chasing The Master
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Action, Adventure.
Story by: Thomas Yee

Determined to get married before she turns 30, Kimberly Richmond grudgingly agrees to enroll with her kung-fu fanatic fiancé to learn martial arts in China’s famous Shaolin Temple for 30 days then return to get married. But what made her so enthusiastic about the strenuous training every morning? Could it be the young master instructor that she just cannot stop thinking about?

My Ten Years Old Teacher
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Family Drama, Adventure.
Story by: James Mou

An over ambitious writer travels to China on a dirt-digging mission about child-labor befriends a 10 years old local girl fighting Cancer and starts to learn first hand the meaning of family and community in realization that if you want to change the world, first you must change yourself.